Our Criteria

Climate Change and Displaced People Programme

Grants are up to £25,000 and funds must be used within 12 months

We encourage any eligible charity to apply

Our Priorities

Our objective is to help forcibly displaced people and their host communities, as well as people at acute risk of displacement, to respond to the effects of climate change.

We fund initiatives that aim to deliver win-win outcomes for people and the planet. All applications will be measured against the following two key indicators:

  1. Measurable improvement in the quality of life of people within the target group.
  2. Measurable, positive and sustainable change in the local natural environment.

Target Group

We have 3 distinct target groups and applications should clearly indicate which target group they are focusing on.

  1. Forcibly displaced people & their host communities.
  2. Returnees & the communities they return to.
  3. People at acute risk of displacement.

What we will fund

The Trust funds work on the ground as well as advocacy and campaigning work. Initiatives that we fund should:

  • Lead to tangible improvements in the quality of life of the target group.
  • Have a positive measureable impact on the local natural environment. 
  • Involve the target group in project design and delivery. 


Who we fund

  • We fund non-profit organisations that have a strong link to the communities they serve.
  • We prefer to fund small organisations and are particularly interested in receiving applications from organisations with an annual turnover of less than £10 million pounds.

We do not fund

  • Emergency Relief
  • Individuals
  • Research
  • Core costs alone (but we are happy to make an appropriate contribution to them)
  • Promotion of religious causes
  • Large organisations with an annual turnover of £50 million or above
Our approach to making and managing grants
  • Our funding processes are light and flexible.
  • We do not provide unrestricted grants, but do expect to make a contribution towards overheads.
  • We build supportive relationships with the principal individuals involved in any initiative.
  • We learn with grantees about the issues and challenges they face.

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